Future scenario review

Wall-E is an American science fiction film set in the future in 2805. It describes the perspective of life in terms of modern technology, interaction and relationships between peoples in the future, as well as warning people about their consciousness and actions with environmental issues.


(Image Source: http://digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/17/17/768×319/gallery-1493134203-wall-e-lazy-humans.jpg)


In the 2800s, the overpopulation will dramatically increase as the earth will be seriously polluted and become a landfill of the human waste. Plants and animals are no longer exist, except for the insects where people can no longer live on planet earth, and they are forced to live on an airship, floating in the space. They live in an artificial environment that is surrounded by modern technology. Robots replace human with everything from work, entertainment, travel, even the interaction and communication between people and people are limited by the social network through AR screen, even making friends with the fictional character of the artificial machine systems.

Although human life is quite stable and orderly in artificial space, they do not really feel a sense of life. With new technology, they no longer have to do physical work causes them to be obese due to their lack physical activities, exercises and sleep. They do not really care about their health and appearance anymore since everyone has the same issue and are not longer aware of what is happening.

Nearly similar to Wall-E future scenario, my research towards a scenario of modern scientific technology. Robots replace human work; automation systems dominate the technology market. People don’t need to work but still, have public income from the Government. People will live longer because of the development of the super-vaccine. However, obesity is also on rising as the result of widespread sleep deprivation.

The most significant difference between these two scenarios is the environmental problem. In Wall-E’s world, the environment is severely destroyed whereas, for my scenario, the environment has a positive step. For example, people prefer using technology that derived from natural and not harmful to the environment, such as alternative energy. Our consciousness of environmental issues has been aroused for a long time ago which the knowledge of environment has not only start from the future or the present. Before, we are aware of the importance of the fresh atmosphere to the environment and public health. Consequently, the work on ideology and many projects are launched to protect the natural resources and the environment. It was thoroughly concerned and researched to find alternative sources to ensure the maintaining energy resources for human activities, as well as utilizing the natural resources that can produce green, clean and unlimited energy. For that season, the environment is increasingly focused and significantly improved, towards a green world in the future of 2050.

In terms of sleep, both scenarios assume that people will suffer from sleep deprivation due to the dominance of entertainment and social media. In the future, people still need to sleep to relax, rest and restore the body functions. However, people become overuse and over-entertainment, which make people feel tired, prevent sleep and lead to insomnia.



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